Gum Disease & Hygiene


Periodontal disease, commonly known as 'gum disease', occurs when bacteria infects parts of the gums around the teeth.

Many people are not aware that they are suffering from gum disease. Without healthy gums perfectly good teeth can be lost. If you are not regularly seeing a dental hygienist your gums will not be as healthy as they should be and you will have a build-up of plaque (soft deposits) and calculus (hard deposits) on your teeth. Do you suffer from?

These are the symptoms of gum disease.

What happens if gum disease is not treated?

If gum disease is left untreated, the gums may pull away from the teeth and form pockets or spaces between the teeth and gums that usually become infected. Without treatment, the infection can progress, bone loss can occur and teeth may become loose, fall out or require extraction.

Is there a link between gum problems and heart disease?

Bacteria from the mouth can get into the bloodstream. This bacteria produce protein which can affect the heart by causing the platelets in the blood to stick together in the blood vessels of the heart. This can make clots more likely to form which reduce normal blood flow. If the blood flow is badly affected this could lead to a heart attack.

Research has shown that patients who regularly visit the hygienist suffer from less dental problems in the long term. Our team of friendly and caring hygienists at Jade Dental Practice can help you achieve good oral hygiene.

However, periodontal disease is preventable and we offer advanced disease-control treatments and cosmetic gum procedures with deep cleaning (scaling and root planning) and if necessary gum surgery.