Providing excellence in Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Jade Dental Practice has a reputation throughout South East England for delivering high quality general and family dentistry while also offering a range of modern cosmetic and advanced procedures using the latest technology.

The highly skilled team at the practice offers dental care for the entire family from the very young to the very old! We give each patient only the finest treatment, whether it’s for a check up and clean or a more complex procedure.

What we do goes beyond just dental care. Recent studies prove there is a link between our oral health and our overall well-being. The studies have also shown that dental aesthetics has an effect on people's self-esteem, success in the workplace and social interaction.

Jade provides patients with quality aesthetics, precision diagnoses, efficient scheduling, comfort and safety. We are continually researching new technologies and ideas to incorporate into procedures and equipment that will help us make the most of your dental experience.

However, the Jade proposition offers more

We are well known for our empathetic approach to patients who are nervous and fearful about a trip to the dentist. We will also help with the financial aspects of your visit with payment plans and interest free loans. There is a saying that good health is the most important thing in life... and that includes dental health. So why compromise? Come instead to Jade and see for yourself why we have a reputation that is even envied by other dentists.